Graf Bernadotte of Wisborg

Count Rainer & Countess Angelina Bernadotte of Wisborg

A little information about the Bernadotte von Wisborg family.

In 1818 the Bernadotte family replaced the Holstein-Gottrop family and has ruled since then

Kingdom of Sweden. Currently by King Carl Gustaf XVI. Until 1905 the family also ruled the Kingdom of Norway.

 The national coat of arms of Sweden.

In the heart shield you will find on the right side the heraldry of the dynasty founded by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, in blue seven golden stars of the constellation of the Big Dipper above a golden Napoleonic eagle. Bottom right, a silver bridge with three arches and two towers for the Principality of Pontecorvo. The name of Wisborg comes from the ancestral seat, Visborg Castle.

In Germany, the name of Bernadotte became known through Count Lennart. It was he who made the island of Mainau blossom.

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Sincerely yours, Rainer & Angelina Bernadotte of Wisborg

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